Welcome to HumidifyNOW

HumidifyNOW 2 is here with many changes and enhancements. It's a lot faster and allows you to organize your work in Projects and Systems.

Product Lines Supported

  • UEX, UR, UG Carel Steam Humidifiers
  • ultimateSAM (Upright Manifolds and Single Tube)
  • optiMist and humiFog Adiabatic Humidifiers
  • MC Room and MC Duct
  • compactSteam, humiDisk, and humiSonic

Features of HumidifyNOW 2

  • Configure Humidification and Evaporative Cooling Projects
    Manage, Design, and Order Projects.
  • Part Searches
    Search for Humidification Parts, Cross Reference Parts, and Spare Cylinders.
  • Customer Management
    Maintain your own Customers for easier Quote, Submittal, and Shipping generation.

Other Resources

Locate a Carel Rep
Product Literature